Health monopolies

May 31, 2009 

It is shameful the way that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina intends to scare the public into opposing comprehensive health care reform (Business story, May 21). It was just a week or so earlier when insurance companies promised to be part of a solution to the health care crisis.

The ads that Blue Cross contemplated airing show how scared the company is to compete with a public health insurance plan. Currently Blue Cross controls 53 percent of the market in North Carolina. Combined with United Health Group, the two control 73 percent.If that is not monopolistic, I don't know what is.

I want health care reform. I want the right to choose between keeping the insurance I have now and buying into a public health insurance plan. Given that my current health insurance company has a greater interest in making profits than ensuring my health, I would rather be part of a public health insurance plan that will not deny me treatment because it cuts into profits or gives lavish bonuses to CEOs.

I want the freedom to choose. I want a public health insurance plan.

Dustin Bayard


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