Bagging it

June 2, 2009 

Due to pollution of our state's beautiful coasts, the General Assembly may impose a mandatory plastic bag ban in the Outer Banks. I think this is an excellent idea, but I also think it would be improved by making it a statewide ban.

Each year, people in our country throw away 1 billion plastic bags. Only about .6 percent of all the polyethylene bags manufactured are recycled. Many of these bags end up in a huge island of trash in the Pacific Ocean, destroying marine habitats.In some places, there are more plastic particles than plankton for fish to eat.

I am starting an organization called Sincerely, Green for my eighth-grade project that helps teens write letters to major businesses in the United States and to their congressmen. Many stores have begun supplying their customers with reusable bags instead of harmful polyethylene ones. As a customer, you can request that stores eliminate plastic shopping bags and replace them with Earth-friendly alternatives.

There are a lot of things we can do to be more Earth-friendly. This is just a quick and easy change that could make a big difference for our future.

Rosalia Preiss


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