Storm preparation

June 3, 2009 

North Carolinians should be dismayed by a recent Mason-Dixon poll showing that two-thirds of coastal residents from Maine to Texas don't feel at risk from hurricanes. Nearly half didn't even know whether their insurance covers storm damage.

AARP has launched an initiative to help North Carolinians and residents of other coastal states, of all generations, be better prepared.

Operation Hurricane Prepare encourages individuals to reach out to friends, relatives and neighbors to help them get ready for the hurricane season and to improve their own family's preparedness in the process. Step-by-step guides on how to prepare are available in both English and Spanish at

Operation Hurricane Prepare offers three ways to get involved: downloadable guides to improve individual preparedness and to help neighbors and friends; group activities to do with others in the community; and a national Web site on which volunteer opportunities posted by national organizations can be found.

Individuals can take steps to prepare themselves, their neighborhood and their state for tropical weather.

Helen Savage

Associate State Director

AARP North Carolina


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