Time to move on

June 3, 2009 

Forgive me, but what's the big deal? If North Carolina's biggest scandal in the past decade is some unrecorded transportation and a member of the N.C. State faculty receiving higher pay, well, I think we're doing pretty well. Our senators are not soliciting sex in airport bathrooms nor are our governors buying prostitutes. The point is, our minor "scandals" have become blown way out of proportion, overshadowing more important issues.

The media and North Carolina residents are guilty of giving these issues too much attention. I am guilty of giving it too much attention. But the fact is, these minor problems that are being presented as the demise of our great state don't matter!

What are the issues? Genocide in Darfur, our nation's unemployment rate, innocent citizens dying from suicide bombers in the Middle East, the proposed $1.9 billion budget cut in education in North Carolina, the increasing rate of homelessness, our troops dying across seas, children in Africa who have no chance of living to the age of 10 because they don't even have access to clean water.

Look at the bigger issues, kids! Move on! Take responsibility for your own actions and take interest in the good and betterment of mankind.

Mary Clare Freeman

Chapel Hill

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