Burr gives suggestions for judges, too

June 5, 2009 

Republican Sen. Richard Burr also has sent some suggestions to the White House about whom to appoint to the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The court has four open seats, but just one sitting judge from North Carolina. State leaders have long argued that there should be more N.C. judges on the panel. Presidents typically seek input from a state's senators before making nominations, Barb Barrett reports.

Burr said in an interview he offered "a sufficient number" of names in response to an administration request, but he wouldn’t give an exact figure or reveal names because, he said, he doesn’t want to pressure the White House.

Still, Burr said, constituents can assume that his list leans more Democratic than Republican — because he understands the political winds have changed.

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"I don't look at them from politics," Burr said. "I look at them from experience and judicial temperament, and that’s how I've made my suggestions."

Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan earlier this week told reporters she had submitted three names for the court, but staffers later said she misspoke and that there really is just an ongoing back-and-forth conversation with the White House.

Burr said the two senators aren’t working together on the matter.

"One can conclude from the fact that she set up an independent board to interview her candidates that she and I were on separate tracks," Burr said.

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