Teachers pay the price

June 9, 2009 

Due to the education funding cuts, my sister was told recently she would no longer have a teaching position with Buncombe County. She was an educator in Wake County for nearly 10 years; she won multiple awards and leadership positions and, most importantly, demonstrated a passion for educating North Carolina public school children. Unfortunately, she is now unemployed. The reason given for her job loss is lack of tenure with Buncombe County. The root cause of her unemployment is the sharp decrease in education funding.

As a taxpayer and a voter, I am outraged our elected officials could allow this to happen. I disagree with the actions taken to reduce the education budget. I disagree with the appropriations of stimulus money. I disagree with the management of the N.C. Education Lottery. And, I disagree with Governor Perdue for allowing this to happen on her watch.

The governor says she "clearly understands that the success of our education system will define our economic future as a state." That is why she is "committed to attracting and retaining the best teachers in America."

She has an interesting way of showing her commitment. As a former educator, she should be ashamed.

Carmen Prevette


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