Teams vie for soccer berths

Rachel UllrichJune 18, 2009 

  • Coach: Dewan Bader Manager: Claudia Thompson

    National rank: 92 Region 3 rank: 23 N.C. rank: 3

    Friday, vs. Dallas Texans Houston 90 Red (Texas), noon

    Saturday, vs. NASA 08 Elite (Ga.), 10 a.m.

    Sunday, vs. West Side Alliance 90/91 (Okla.), 8 a.m.

    CASL 90 Elite -- Men's U-18

    Coach: Doug Hess Manager: John Iiames

    National rank: 30 Region 3 rank: 10 N.C. rank: 1


    Friday, vs. Eclipse 91 Black (Texas), 8 a.m.

    Saturday, vs. Little Rock FC Blue (Ark.), noon

    Sunday, vs. NYSA Celtic Green (Okla.), 10 a.m.

    Triangle United Gold -- Boys U-17

    Coach: Elmar Bolowich Manager: Janice Drimer

    National rank: 28 Region 3 rank: 8 N.C. rank: 1


    Friday, vs. Houstonians 92 (Texas), 10 a.m.

    Saturday, vs. LSC 92 Gamblers (La.), 8 a.m.

    Sunday, vs. Jackson FC 92 (Miss.), noon

    Triangle FC 92 Navy -- Boys U-16

    Coach: Michael Brady Manager: Jill Goodman

    National rank: 8 Region 3 rank: 4 N.C. rank: 1


    Friday, vs. Florida Rush Nike (Fla.), 6 p.m.

    Saturday, vs. Tennessee Rush Nike 93 (Tenn.), 4 p.m.

    Sunday, vs. KFC 93 Crush Blue (Tenn.), 2 p.m.

    CASL 94 Elite -- Boys U-14

    Coach: John Bradford Manager: Farzin Asefina

    National rank: 93 Region 3 rank: 16 N.C. rank: 1


    Friday, vs. Tulsa Thunder 95 Black (Okla.), 4 p.m.

    Saturday, vs. Busa 95 Elite (Ala.), 2 p.m.

    Sunday, vs. South Florida Elite FC 94/95 Blue (Fla.), 6 p.m.

    CASL 91 Spartan Elite -- Girls U-17

    Coach: Rusty Scarborough Manager: Wendy Betot

    National rank: 28 Region 3 rank: 5 N.C. rank: 1


    Friday, vs. Florida Rush Nike (Fla.), 10 a.m.

    Saturday, vs. Sting 92 (Texas), 8 a.m.

    Sunday, vs. Dallas Texans 92 Red (Texas), noon

    Triangle FC 91 Navy -- Girls U-17

    Coach: Pete Sadin Manager: Juanita Ryan

    National rank: 57 Region 3 rank: N.C. rank: 1


    Friday, vs. GSA Phoenix 92 Red (Ga.), 10 a.m.

    Saturday, vs. Challenge SC 92 (Texas), 8 a.m.

    Sunday, vs. Chicago Fire Jrs. of MS Fire 92 (Miss.), noon

    CASL 92 Spartan Elite -- Girls U-16

    Coach: Sean Nahas Manager: Susan Stokes

    National rank: 84 Region 3 rank: 15 N.C. rank: 2


    Friday, vs. GSA Phoenix 93 Red (Ga.), 6 p.m.

    Saturday, vs. HYSA Storm (Miss.), 4 p.m.

    Sunday, vs. Eclipse Soccer 93 Black (Texas), 2 p.m.

    CASL 93 Spartan Elite BlackGirls U-15

    Coach: Jay Howell Manager: David Lindquist

    National rank: 27 Region 3 rank: N.C. rank: 1


    Friday, vs. LRFC 94 Blue (Ark.), 2 p.m.

    Saturday, vs. Florida Rush Nike Premier 93/94 (Fla.), 6 p.m.

    Sunday, Dallas Texans 94 Red (Texas), 4 p.m.

    CASL 94 Spartan Elite BlackGirls U-14

    Coach: Damon Nahas Manager: Elizabeth Curtis

    National rank: 16 Region 3 rank: 3 N.C. rank: 1


    Friday, vs. Challenge 95 (Texas), 4 p.m.

    Saturday, vs. 94 Twisters Green (Greensboro), 2 p.m.

    Sunday, vs. NWAL Strikers 95G Black (Ark.), 6 p.m.

Ten Triangle-based teams are heading to Frisco, Texas, to compete for spots in the U.S. Youth Soccer National Championship Series, the most prestigious event in youth soccer. The U-17 Triangle United Gold team will be competing for its second straight regional title, while every other team will try to win its bracket for the first time.

The regional participants include all U.S. Youth Soccer State Cup champions as well as select runners-up. Region III includes 12 state associations, all based in the south.

After today's opening ceremonies, round-robin games will be held Friday through Sunday (schedules below), and the quarterfinals and semifinals will be held Monday and Tuesday. The Region III champion will be crowned after a final match Wednesday. Winners will compete against the other three regional champions in the National Championship Series.

For scores, standings and video, visit

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