Speaker easy

June 20, 2009 

As the NCSU soap opera continues, I don't know whether to laugh, cry or take more valium.

How can highly educated senior professionals having been lied to repeatedly continue to recommend retention at work? Also, how can those who lied not show remorse and resign? In my experience, industry would have terminated them in 5 minutes.

An aside: What qualifications are required to obtain high-powered speakers? Answer: an ability to read, write and use a telephone.

All speakers have agents or use a speakers bureau. You call and determine the fee and availability. If satisfactory, you advise them of your meeting objective, attendee types, date, time and place of event. Then you ask them to send a contract and inquire of any speaker needs, time and place of arrival et al.

How do I know? Without a Ph.D. or law degree, I did this for a major company. In my 37 years in a wide variety of personnel (human resources today) assignments, this was my easiest and most fun assignment. Tough job.

Ray W. Deltz Sr., Raleigh

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