State budget cuts and that pile o' perks

June 21, 2009 

Bloat abounds

Kudos to The News & Observer for your recent analysis of North Carolina's budget woes. Your reporting and headlines over the past few weeks highlight the warped priorities of our state lawmakers when it comes to dealing with our budget.

My conclusion: Self-serving pet projects, perks and make-work jobs are more important than agencies serving families during tough times and than mental and physical health care services for the less fortunate.

Only in the bubble surrounding Jones Street is this possible. Show me one average citizen with the gall to increase taxes even on the easy-to-vilify "rich," smokers and drinkers when legacy bloat is everywhere.

My suspicion is that you have only scratched the surface when it comes to waste and corruption in Raleigh. Keep the headlines coming and keep up the good work.

Frank DeRonja


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