The way of God

June 26, 2009 

Regarding the June 18 Life, etc., article "Church losing its way": It appears that Warren Cole Smith believes that his view of what church should be is best for everyone. Other than the "twittering" during service to a pastor (which rubs me the wrong way) I find everything else Smith states troublesome. The Gospel message is powerful enough to withstand PowerPoint presentations and Steven Curtis Chapman songs. How might Smith view church services in Africa, Asia or South America? How might a nonbeliever interpret this article? This is why they keep a distance from church.

In fairness to Smith, the article mentions only a few of his thoughts; an entire body of work should not be interpreted through our ability to agree or understand every idea or concept. That is a reason that many nonbelievers (and some believers) have a problem with the Bible.

I believe that in many ways the church is more vibrant and effective today than it has ever been, but sometimes people and churches lose their way. If we desire to find our way home, God is big enough to show us the way.

Ed Beavers

Holly Springs

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