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Backyard blue cheese

CorrespondentJuly 1, 2009 

Just finished one of my best lunches at the new Backyard Bistro. I love blue cheese dressing, and this has to be my favorite, hands down! I had the lettuce wedge, which comes with the blue cheese vinaigrette.

But I wasn't sure I'd like it, so I asked for a side of the regular blue cheese dressing. They are both excellent! Is it possible to get the recipes for both? -- S.C., Apex

Joe Lumbrazo, owner/chef of Backyard Bistro (1235 Hurricane Alley Way; 851-6203; www.backyardbistro.com) is doubly obliging. Note: To make Blue Cheese Vinaigrette, combine three parts Blue Cheese Dressing with one part Italian Dressing.

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