Cutting in line

July 4, 2009 

Last year at this time, American voters united to successfully oppose the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act promulgated by Bush & Company. This year, the man who promised change is now promising the same racist immigration scheme.

There are 6 billion people in the world, living in almost 200 hundred countries. This new proposal grants special treatment to 30 million Mexicans and Central Americans, plus their relatives, at tremendous national expense, while penalizing all other nationalities who remain in their home countries dreaming of U.S. citizenship.

The Haitians and Africans, Poles and Latvians, Indians and Pakistanis -- are they not also worthy human beings? They have been promised an application process that is orderly, non-political and legal.

Ordinary citizens, Republicans and Democrats, are not anti-immigrant. Our politicians are. Once again, they want to ignore bona fide applicants, in selfish deference to business interests and to potential legal or illegal Latino votes.

We welcome immigrants and we have a process. Let's keep it fair!

Joseph Pasulka


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