Candidate filings

July 7, 2009 

Cities and towns

Margo J. Bills, Town Council
*Mike Jones, Town Council
Scott Lassiter, Town Council
*Gene Schulze, Town Council

*Mark Chilton, Mayor
Amanda Ashley, Mayor
Brian Voyce, Mayor
Sharon Cook, Board of Aldermen
*Jacquelyn M. Gist, Board of Aldermen
*Randee-Haven-O'Donnell, Board of Aldermen
Tim Peck, Board of Aldermen
Sammy Slade, Board of Aldermen

* Julie Aberg Robison, Town Council At-large
*Jennifer B. Robinson, Town Council District A
Cynthia B. Sinkez, Town Council District A
*Jack W. Smith, Town Council District C

Chapel Hill
Augustus Cho, Mayor
Matt Czajkowski, Mayor
Mark Kleinschmidt, Mayor
Kevin Wolff, Mayor
Jon DeHart, Town Council
*Laurin Easthom, Town Council,br> *Ed Harrison, Town Council
*Jim Merritt, Town Council
Gene Pease, Town Council
Matt Pohlman, Town Council
Will Raymond, Town Council
Penny Rich, Town Council

*William (Bill) Bell, Mayor
Steven Williams, Mayor
*Cora Cole-McFadden, City Council Ward 1
Donald A. Hughes, City Council Ward 1
John Tarantino, City Council Ward 1
*Arthur John Howard Clement III, City Council Ward 2
Matt Drew, City Council Ward 2
Sandra Howell, City Council Ward 2
Darius Little, City Council Ward 2
Sylvester Williams, City Council Ward 2
Allan Polak, City Council Ward 3
*Mike Woodard, City Council Ward 3

Jim Abernethy, Board of Commissioners
*John W. Byrne, Mayor
*Cindy Sheldon, Board of Commissioners
Chris Wrenn, Board of Commissioners

*Kathy Behringer, Town Council

*Tom Stevens, Mayor
*Frances Dancy, Board of Commissioners
*Mike Gering, Board of Commissioners
Bryant Kelly Warren Jr., Board of Commissioners

Holly Springs
*Dick Sears, Mayor
Linda Hunt Williams, Town Council
Chet Vanfossen, Holly Springs Town Council
Tracey Goodwin, Town Council

Terrence Gleason, Knightdale Town Council

*Jan Faulkner, Mayor
Jackie Holcombe, Mayor
Steve Diehl, Town Council District 2
*Mark Stohlman, Town Council District 2
Margaret E. Broadwell, Town Council District 4
Lydia Martin, Morrisville Town Council At-Large
Creighton P. Blackwell, Town Council At-large
*Tom Murry, Town Council At-large
Catherine Willis, Town Council District 4

Gregg S. Kunz, Mayor
Anders E. Skaar, Mayor
Mark Enloe, Mayor
*Charles Meeker, Mayor
*Mary-Ann Baldwin, City Council At-large
Champ Claris, City Council At-large
*Russ Stephenson, City Council At-large
Lee Sartain, City Council At-large
Bill Shakespeare, City Council At-large
*Nancy McFarlane, City Council District A
*Rodger Koopman, City Council District B
Anthony Integlia, City Council District C
James West, Raleigh City Council District C
Ted Van Dyk, City Council District D
*Thomas G. Crowder, City Council District D
Bonner Gaylord, Raleigh City Council District E

*William Frank Hodge II, Board of Commissioners
Betty P. Whitaker, Rolesville Board of Commissioners
*Ronnie I. Currin, Board of Commissioners

Wake Forest
David Bissette, Mayor
*Vivian Jones, Mayor
*Frank Drake, Board of Commissioners
William W. (Watt) Jones, Board of Commissioners
*Margaret Jones Stinnett, Board of Commissioners
Zachary Donahue, Wake Forest Board of Commissioners

James William Parham, Board of Commissioners
Glenn Harris, Board of Commissioners
*Ronald W. Thompson, Board of Commissioners

*Robert S. Matheny, Mayor
*Roy L. Collins, Board of Commissioners
*Beverly Wall Clark, Board of Commissioners


Chapel Hill-Carrboro Board of Education
Michelle "Shell" Brownstein
Susana L. Dancy
J.M. (Joe) Green
MaryAnne Gucciardi
Christine Lee
*Gregory McElveen
Gary Wallach

Wake County Board of Education
Chris Malone, District 1
Debbie Vair, District 1
Rita Rakestraw, District 1
Cathy E. Truitt, District 2
John Tedesco, District 2
*Horace J. Tart, District 2
Chris Augustine, District 2
Jerry Ballan, District 7
Deborah Prickett, District 7
Karen Simon, District 7
Ray E. Martin, District 9
Debra Goldman, District 9

* indicates an incumbent.

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