Summertime school

July 9, 2009 

Aaah ... July Fourth weekend, a time to reflect on the contributions of our Founding Fathers and the greatness of America. A time to gather with family and friends for cook-outs, swimming, and fireworks. Reality -- time to get school supplies, new sneakers, haircuts and get to bed early to get ready for a new school year.

As a parent of kids who were forced into this year-round cycle, we've tried it out and we don't like it! We would have stayed on a traditional calendar had the Wake County Public School System had a clue at the time where they would send our kids. This would mean leaving a school that we have loved for years. I can't wait until next year when one of our children goes to high school, which is not year-round, while the other two are on the year-round schedule.

Since this forced year-round, my belief in the Wake County school system has dwindled. How do you get your kids excited and pumped for school when you as a parent cannot motivate yourself and are longing for those long summer days you knew as a kid?

So thanks, Wake County schools, for taking away our summer.

Ann Schubarg


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