Honduran rivals meet mediator

The Associated PressJuly 10, 2009 

— Talks to resolve the leadership crisis in Honduras got on track Thursday, with both sides holding closed-door meetings with Costa Rican President Oscar Arias to discuss a coup that has generated fears of political instability in the region.

Ousted Honduran President Manuel Zelaya appeared first and left shortly before the arrival of the man who replaced him after a military coup, his former friend and political ally Roberto Micheletti.

If Zelaya offered any concessions, he wasn't talking about them. As he headed back to his hotel, Zelaya called for "the re-establishment of the state of law, democracy and the return of the president elected by the Honduran people."

Micheletti, for his part, insists that Zelaya must relinquish any claim to the presidency.

After meeting with Arias, Micheletti named four officials who will represent him in future negotiations and said he was returning to Honduras. He ruled out, for now, a face-to-face encounter with Zelaya.

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