Our senators' tilt

July 19, 2009 

Thank you for the July 12 article on the roles Sens. Richard Burr and Kay Hagan are playing in crafting health care reform legislation.

While nearly 80 percent of Americans support a public insurance option, neither of our senators seems to. Both seem more concerned with assuring the well-being of private insurance companies and private employers than with addressing the needs of the majority of their constituents (I just read that Hagan introduced an amendment to exclude seasonal migrant workers and their employers from our national health care reform).

I agree with President Barack Obama that a public insurance plan that operates on the principle of assuring quality, affordable care for all, is national in scope and has the ability to negotiate fair prices with drug companies, hospitals and doctors can set an example that will keep the whole health care system in this country fair, honest and affordable.

While nothing prevents private insurers from creating policies and practices to achieve these goals, they certainly haven't acted upon them in the past 60 years. We need change now.

Sondra Stein,


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