Haste makes waste

August 2, 2009 

I was pleased to see your July 22 editorial "Healthy choices." You cautioned against rushing health care legislation and encouraged an incremental approach. Unintended consequences of rushing and attempting too much at once are guaranteed.

The piece correctly identified the politicization of the system, although you neglected to identify the trial lawyers' role. Physicians and medical associations suggest liability insurance premiums and unnecessary medical testing increase health care costs by 15 percent to 30 percent. Tort reform is required.

The piece highlighted the government's ability to create Social Security and Medicare-Medicaid but not the government's inability to manage them. Creating another large government undertaking without fixing currently deficient programs is unsustainable.

The suggestion by the Mayo Clinic (which President Barack Obama identified as a model example of health care approaches) to keep private insurance and forgo a public (government) option was refreshing. Thank you for highlighting it and calling for considered, incremental approaches instead of meeting fabricated deadlines.

Tom Nolan


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