Hagan: Health reform needed

Says the insured can keep plans

High Point EnterpriseAugust 9, 2009 

— U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan stood firm Friday in promoting the need for health care reform following a tour of part of High Point Regional Hospital.

Hagan said she remains convinced of the need to reform health care and provide greater access to insurance coverage.

"If people like their insurance, we don't want to change it," Hagan said during a press conference in the hospital board room.

But she added that Americans don't like their premiums increasing continually while not receiving better care.

"We have to have health-care reform from the standpoint of costs," she said.

But Rep. Howard Coble, a Greensboro Republican, announced Friday he plans to vote against the current Democratic-sponsored health care reform bill in the House.

Coble said he's concerned reform through the White House and Democratic congressional leadership will turn into a government takeover of the health-care system.

"This will eventually limit patient choice and increase the cost of insurance premiums," Coble said in a statement.

However, Coble indicated he "holds out hope that some bipartisan form of health care reform will emerge that he can support."

Prior to her press conference, Hagan spent 45 minutes touring Carolina Regional Heart Center, meeting doctors and other hospital personnel. The senator said she was impressed with the level and sophistication of care reflected at the Heart Center. Hagan said she's also impressed with the hospital's initiatives to reach underserved areas to provide cardiac care.

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