Droves of irony

August 11, 2009 

I have read with growing dismay about protesters turning out in unruly droves to tell our elected officials to "Keep your hands off my health care." And there is the irony. These people actually have health care!

The Obama plan is to help those 46+ million Americans, many of whom work 40 or more hours a week and either can't get or can't afford health care. I wonder how many of those protesters would identify themselves as Christians. Do their churches not teach the "Golden Rule"?

At the urgent care where I work, I recently saw a 40-year-old man with a life-threatening allergic reaction. As we worked to stabilize him, I told him that we would need to send him to the hospital by ambulance. Although he was in extreme distress, he became tearful only at the thought of the inevitable bill he would receive for such care.

Fortunately, we were able to persuade him to get the care he needed. But how many Americans are doing without potentially life-saving care because they don't have the insurance to pay for it?

If you have adequate health insurance and are having your medical needs met, be thankful -- but please don't stand in the way of your neighbor getting the same.

Martha E. Dorroh, Raleigh

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