Our college kings

August 14, 2009 

Regarding your Aug. 12 editorial "Sounding retreat":

The practice you described concerning retreat rights given to past university administrators by current university administrators should be considered an unacceptable abuse of executive authority even in periods of prosperity. It smacks of a feeling of royalty. But in our current situation of recession, job losses, reduced budgets and financial hardships by most and with the necessity to cut back essential government services, it is beyond outrageous. How many teachers could be retained with the unconscionable bonuses being paid for these adjustments?

If a young senator with no previous executive experience can step into the job as president of the United States, it defies logic that a university chancellor, who had been a university professor, would need a six-month or a 12-month retreat with no specific job duties in order to re-acclimate himself/herself to resume teaching.

It is a further insult for proponents to assert that our students throughout our university system would suffer if this practice were eliminated permanently and immediately. The runaway upward spiraling college costs must be controlled if we want to help students.

Winston T. Hooker Sr., Cary

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