Repairs, done right

August 18, 2009 

I would like to congratulate the state DOT for taking over the repair of some streets in Raleigh. I think people are actually slowing down to miss the potholes since the state takeover.

Who is responsible for having the final say in new road construction? Does such a person exist? If so, why does he or she still have a job?

Why not suspend all new road construction for one or two years and just concentrate all that money on road and bridge repair? And by the way, why not make the repairs last more than several years? Stop just covering over the areas that have become so damaged they are useless for long-term stability. Make good repairs to the underlying pavement before repaving. And require a 10- or 20-year guarantee from the paving company. Most every other business in America has to warranty its product or services.

Jarles Alberg


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