Last chance for fame, foodies

August 19, 2009 

Midnight tonight is the deadline if you want to be one of two readers on our kitchen panel.

As of Monday, we had received more than 250 entries from folks seeking to be on the panel. Readers have cited their culinary credentials, their eating habits and the eating habits of everyone in their families. One man even wrote a poem.

The panelists will review new foods and products for our readers and report whether they are worth the money.

Every week, I get samples of food or receive offers of food from publicists hoping for a review in the newspaper. I'm not allowed to accept the food because of the newspaper's ethics policy. But readers can, so I will have the food companies send samples to the panelists' homes.

About every six weeks or so, we will publish a few of the panelists' reviews with basic details about the products. I am asking for at least a six-month commitment from those on the kitchen panel, and then we'll assess whether it is working.

Sarah Armstrong, 32, of Raleigh gets to sit on the inaugural panel because this was her idea. I'm looking for two other readers.

I am seeking readers who can write short, interesting reviews, not tomes. So tell me in 100 words why you should sit on the panel. Anything more than 100 words will not be considered.

Send your 100-word effort and contact information, which will not be counted toward the word limit, to food writer Andrea Weigl at or mail them to The News & Observer, attn.: Andrea Weigl, 215 S. McDowell St., Raleigh NC 27601. If you send an e-mail, please include "Kitchen Panel" in the subject line. Again, the deadline for entries is midnight tonight.

Andrea Weigl

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