Easley's freebie

August 21, 2009 

I am a senior citizen (now 66) and semi-retired. I am also a golfer and pay my monthly dues faithfully to the club to which I belong in Cary.

I understand that politics can involve lots of dealings in various public and private venues. It seems that Mike Easley's free pass to Old Chatham Golf Club while he was governor bears out the latter.

I am also trying to continue my professional education in statistics this fall at N.C. State University by applying as a non-degree student to audit a course. Like Easley, I could be playing golf. It really frosts me when I see my application for a non-degree program as a senior citizen recently put on hold -- probably due to current state budget shortfalls to fund higher education -- and then I read where the former governor got a free pass to play golf instead of devoting that time in office to improving the budget situation so that the state would not be in the budget crunch it now faces.

I applaud your efforts to continue to root out potential government corruption and cronyism that do a disservice to the voters of this wonderful state.

Mark Rose


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