SOS: Save our soaps!

August 29, 2009 

Soap opera fans: The N&O needs you:

Those who can name every husband Erica Kane has had on "All My Children."

Or who shudder at the mere mention of Y&R's Victor Newman.

Or got drunk the day Luke and Laura were married on "General Hospital."

Or can explain, with precise knowledge of botched DNA tests, which of villain Sami Brady's babies belong to which fathers on "Days of Our Lives."

Or who are gnashing their teeth at the premature ending for the Otalia storyline on "Guiding Light" -- and for "Guiding Light" period.

On Sept. 18, after 72 years, "Guiding Light" is going off the air. And we're afraid that GL's demise might be the domino that topples the seven remaining soaps on our TV screens.

We couldn't bear that. We've decided to take action.

Here's the problem: Soaps need help from the devoted people who know the shows best. They need new fans (and maybe that will bring more advertisers!).

You're the solution. So tell us how you would fix your soap.

We'll rustle up some prizes from the swag pile for the best responses and publish your ideas in a special "Adios, GL!" package Sept. 14.

Send e-mail with your responses -- 150 words max -- to Please include your full name and a contact number.

The deadline is Sept. 1.

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