Enough already

August 31, 2009 

So this past weekend was supposed to bring a little respite from this run of 90-degree plus weather in these parts. What we'd prefer, if you please, is a change of season. Perhaps for once Labor Day, still a week away, really could be the signal of the beginning of fall. That was supposed to be the deal with all the calendar-makers, wasn't it?

But in North Carolina, the watchword, or maybe that should be watchwhine, has in recent years been: October. In other words, don't expect any long-term relief from humidity and heat and the stickiness that comes with it until the leaves are about ready to fall from the trees. All you folks from Up North who haven't yet experienced late summer in Tar Heelia now have permission to sternly correct everyone who said, "Oh, the seasons change so dramatically there. By September, summer's over."

But we can dream, and if the forecast for early this week holds, we can even enjoy a preview of cooler, drier air, just like up north. And we'd still rather be here.

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