Raid nets $6 million worth of marijuana

From Staff ReportsSeptember 5, 2009 

Sampson County Sheriff's deputies say they seized $6 million worth of marijuana in a wooded area in Ivanhoe this week.

The 2,400 marijuana plants were discovered through aerial surveillance, according to the Sampson County Sheriff's Office.

The people who were growing the plants evacuated just before the raid on Thursday, the sheriff's office said. Officers found tents, food, grooming items and irrigation equipment at a campsite near the plants.

"The living conditions were unsanitary with a toothbrush and razor hanging over a murky creek, where the tenants apparently took their baths and washed their clothes," the sheriff's office said in a news release. "The irrigation system was comprised of a water pump and generator that were placed in the dug-out area of the creek bed, and it fed several different hoses that went to different plots."

The people growing the marijuana were "squatters" who were using someone else's land, the sheriff's office said.

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