In all our diversity

September 6, 2009 

I wish your editors who worked on your Aug. 30 story about our Health Care Rally could have been on the platform that morning. We were thrilled to see hundreds of people entering the historic Capitol grounds-- Americans of all colors, ages and religions -- to lift their voices for a health-care program for all Americans. We estimated over 1,500 attended.

But these numbers are not as important as the character of the crowd. The large crowd's diversity was the news story of that day. The headline should have been "Diverse crowd demands health care for all Americans" and you should have printed a photo of the great sea of human diversity. The many organizations that helped to organize the rally included N.C. Fair Share, the N.C. Justice Center, Health Care for Americans and the 85 partners in our Historic Thousands on Jones Street Coalition. All deserve great credit for their work.

As our program started, I caught a glimpse of a small group across the street screaming in unison in an effort to drown out our speakers. I prayed for God to comfort them so they might hear the Lord's message through my humble lips about how "We Need a Healing" taken from II Chronicles.

I have no idea whether I reached any of them. But for a while they stopped yelling.

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II

President of State Conference of NAACP Branches


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