No change?

September 9, 2009 

Charles Krauthammer wrote, in his Aug. 28 column, what I thought was at least an attempt to offer a solution or alternative to the current health-care reforms being considered in Congress. He wrote of dropping the public option and de-emphasizing provisions such as the Medicare reimbursement for end-of-life consultations.

Just when I thought that an actual exchange of ideas might be happening, Krauthammer retreated to the worn-out cry of "rationing." As if it does not happen today, with caps on spending, limitations to network providers and larger and larger premiums that make care more difficult to attain than ever before.

I can only guess that Krauthammer likes things the way they are. As long as he can afford it, it isn't broken. After all, our health-care system is becoming an exclusive club, and we can't have riffraff coming in and ruining it for the members.

Scott Taylor


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