Aiding nonprofits

September 11, 2009 

By suggesting that both the House and Senate health-care proposals would include a small-business tax credit, your Sept. 6 chart comparing these plans ignores a significant difference between the two bills. Rather than simply providing a tax credit to small, for-profit businesses, the Senate health committee proposal would provide payment credits for employers with fewer than 50 workers, including nonprofit employers. This would go a long way to ensuring that the 400,000 North Carolinians working in the nonprofit sector have access to quality, affordable health care.

Most of North Carolina's 10,000 nonprofits have 50 or fewer employees and share the challenges of other small businesses in providing health coverage for their staffs. According to a Johns Hopkins University study released last week, 72 percent of nonprofits' health-care costs increased last year. As Congress returns to Washington, nonprofit leaders are asking our elected officials not to overlook our sector, which is a significant part of the North Carolina workforce.

David Heinen

Director of Public Policy & Advocacy, N.C. Center for Nonprofits


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