Blockbuster is closing more sites

STAFF WRITERSeptember 16, 2009 

Blockbuster is putting more stores on the chopping block.

In a regulatory filing Tuesday, the struggling video-store chain with nearly two dozen Triangle locations reported that it may close 960stores by the end of 2010.

The Dallas chain has more than 4,200 U.S. stores. Blockbuster wrote that 18 percent of its stores are unprofitable.

Blockbuster has said it plans to close about 300 stores this year. The company is adding more rental kiosks and relying more on its online-rental store as it tries to compete with NetFlix and Redbox.

Blockbuster recently closed Raleigh stores at Cameron Village and on Six Forks Road.

As more retailers shut stores, it creates headaches for landlords that must refill their empty spaces. But as Sue Stock reports on her blog, Taking Stock, the Blockbuster on Six Forks in Raleigh will soon become a Jimmy John's sandwich shop.

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