Mishandled problem

September 17, 2009 

I was disturbed to read the Sept. 16 letter "Baggage 'claimed'" about stolen baggage at RDU as that is what happened to my husband in early August. After coming back from an overseas trip, we learned that his bag was one of 13 stolen that day right off of the arrival bag claim.

The bags are scanned on the carousels, so RDU knew that the bag arrived and they knew someone without authorization removed it from one carousel to another before it disappeared from their radar. My husband, a professor at N.C. State University, took several hours from work to investigate, only to find what your letter-writer found. There are no security cameras at RDU baggage and no extra personnel to monitor the baggage claim, even though they know there is a theft problem. There is no checking of baggage tickets at the doors, which are only feet from the exits.

Airlines blamed the public for not wanting to be inconvenienced by security. The police blamed the airlines for not providing money for cameras. The police want cameras but have not been able to get them.

Let's wake up -- we are not safe! Now it is lost baggage and the inconvenience and financial hit that go along with that. Next time it might be drugs or bombs.

Dr. Debora Osuna


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