Learning to lose

September 18, 2009 

In the last few days, we have seen professionals in sports and entertainment really lose their cool. Unfortunately, this lack of manners is not confined to multimillion-dollar athletes or entertainers. It is a sickness that has pervaded our entire society.

President Barack Obama was right on part of it when he said the advent of round-the-clock news media meant that the shrillest voice gets all the attention. But part of this is our own fault as a society. I recently asked a young person, returning from a game, as to who won. To my surprise, he said they did not keep score anymore.

This has come home to roost in that now we have not taught our children how to lose graciously or to win graciously, either. The consequences are that when these young people grow up and have to face reality, where, frankly, you usually lose more times than you win, the ability to handle disappointment and defeat no longer exists. The result is a growing menace of young people, enraged that they are not getting their way, exploding into society with potentially damaging results. It's time we kept score again.

Edgar Taylor


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