Oxford bound

November 30, 2009 

Folks who disparage today's young people haven't read a lot of Rhodes Scholarship citations. It's mind-boggling to see how accomplished the winners of these coveted postgraduate scholarships to study at Oxford University are. This year North Carolina can claim three, one whose home is here but who studies at MIT and two students at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Ugwechi Amadi is the MIT student, from Camden, near Elizabeth City. The UNC students are Elizabeth Blair "Libby" Longino and Henry Lawlor Spelman.

It's worth noting, because debate arises from time to time over how many out-of-state students UNC should admit, that Longino is from Texas and Spelman from Pennsylvania. It's a big plus for the university that they came here (on Morehead-Cain scholarships). It's also notable that this year marks the sixth time that Chapel Hill has had two Rhodes winners in the same year, and that in the past five years only Harvard, Yale, Stanford and Princeton have turned out more winners.

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