Fact Finder: Winter Weather

February 1, 2010 

When the weather outside is frightful, and the ice seems particularly spiteful...well, here's your guide to surviving in one chilly little piece. From driving tips (don't!) to coping without power, these sites will help you prepare for those frosty no-school, no-heat, no-bread-left-at-the-grocery store days ahead.

Getting about
Is your car ready for winter?
Click and Clack - the Car Talk guys - offer comprehensive information on winter driving, from prepping your car for cold temps to tips for driving in snow.

Driving in snow and ice
Weather.com also has advice for driving on snow and ice.

Walking on snow and ice
Canadians know how to walk on snow and ice, eh? This site has the Canadian Safety Council's tips for seniors, but we think they're good tips for everyone.

Or maybe you should just take the bus.
Catch a CAT, get DATA or ride TTA.

No power?
Stay warm in an unheated house
Great information on staying warm in an unheated house -- safely.

Keep food safe
When there's no power going to your fridge, your food has a limited shelf life. This site gives you guidelines for determining what is safe to eat and what you should toss.

Manage your winter bills and cope during outages
Duke Energy gives tips on keeping winter electricity bills lower, and what to do during an outage.

Be Prepared
It's more than a Boy Scout motto, it's just good sense. Here are some tips from FEMA on being prepared for winter storms.

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