Mary Easley also had a private email account

from staff reportsFebruary 4, 2010 

Every private eye needs a dame and Gov. Nick Danger had "sewgood."

Former Gov. Mike Easley used a private e-mail account to conduct state business among a small group of high-level advisors. The address, which began with "RegnadKcin," was "Nick Danger" spelled backwards.

As we have noted (and really, can we say it enough?) Nick Danger was the satirical private eye featured in Fireside Theatre performances. The backwards bit may have come from a joke in the show or it may have been a reflection of the fact that Easley wrote backwards, Sherri Johnson, his communications director said.

Johnson testified in a deposition taken in a public records lawsuit against Easley's administration that First lady Mary Easley also had a private e-mail account. Johnson, who said she didn't know Mary Easley well, did not recall using the address — which was something like "sewgood" — for state business.

"Mostly it was personal. I remember she sent me a bread recipe. She would talk about my son," Johnson said.

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