Reactions to Taylor's exoneration

February 18, 2010 

'It couldn't have turned out any better. Finally, the truth prevailed.'

Former state Chief Justice I. Beverly Lake

who pushed the legislature to create the innocence commission in 2006

'There was no evidence ... showing that anyone intended to withhold anything. This case was handled like every other case.'

Wake County District Attorney Colon Willoughby

who fought to keep Greg Taylor in prison, but who, at the end, apologized and shook his hand

'You can live your whole life and never see a moment like this.'

Joseph Cheshire V

speaking to Christine Mumma as Taylor, their client, hugged his daughter

'Our prosecutors are elected, but they also should be out for we the people if we are innocent.'

Pam Gentry

of Raleigh, a neighbor of Taylor's parents

'Thank God, you can go through this process. The system can make mistakes.'

Ed Timberlake

Taylor's former father-in-law

'I'm finally at peace. I know I'll break down later, but right now, I just feel so very calm.'

Yolanda Littlejohn

sister of victim Jacquetta Thomas. Littlejohn supported Taylor's quest for exoneration.

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