Fact Finder: Avoiding Scams

March 1, 2010 

You've heard it a million times -- "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Sometimes the offer sounds so legit, and the temptation is so strong. But seriously - check it out first! Here you'll find some good resources to help you avoid getting scammed by those crafty Nigerian princes and the fabulously official-looking offers in your mailbox. We can also tell you who to contact if they do get you.

Check it out
The Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Consumer Protection
The FTC offers advice on spotting various types of scams, such as internet, telemarketing and telephone, identity theft, investment schemes, and other things. They even offer advice en español.

This is the N.C. Attorney General's website with tips and advice on avoiding scams.

The Securities Exchange Commission
The SEC tells you how to protect yourself against investment scams and how to spot tell-tale signs of fraud.

Fight Identity Theft
Fight Identity Theft offers a quick, simple breakdown of popular scams and how to avoid them. Good information on identity theft, junk mail scams, credit scams, and ebay auction fraud.

If they already got you...file a complaint
North Carolina Attorney General
Federal Trade Commission
North Carolina's Securities Administrator

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