Fact Finder: Tornadoes

March 1, 2010 

Tornadoes, nature’s most violent storms.What causes them, when and where they are most likely to occur, how to stay informed, and tornado safety.

Preparing for a tornado.  Advice from the CDC on how to get ready if tornadoes threaten.  Also information on what to do during a tornado and how be safe in the aftermath of tornado damage.

Tornado safety, funnel facts.   Although this site is from University of Wisconsin it contains some concise and useful informaton on tornadoes and debunks some common tornado myths.

Tornado FAQ  Questions and answers to basic tornado facts, tornado forecasting, damage from tornadoes and even tornado chasing.

Enhanced Fujita Scale history and development of the F-Scale used for determining tornado intensity.

Tornado Intensity Scale  Explains the wind speeds that determine intensity rating.

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