Fact Finder: Transportation

March 10, 2010 

Transportation information whether you are going by highway, train, plane, boat, bike or walking or want to Look Up transportation information.

Planes at the airport

Traveling by highways

NC 2009 Travel Map
Get a highway map of the entire state or individual counties and cities.

NC Traveler Information
Get realtime information on severe or unusual congestion for all roads maintained by NC Dept. of Transportation.

National Traffic and Road Closure Information
Map with links to traffic information in other states.

Traveling by train

NCDOT Rail Division
Information on Amtrak, passenger schedules, railroad crossing improvements and even kids pages on railroads.

Traveling by plane

Raleigh-Durham international Airport

Piedmont Triad International Airport

Charlotte Douglas International Airport

Airport statistics
Search by airport to get information on on-time performance, airline carriers, top destination and more.

Federal Aviation Administration
Information for travelers, pilots, mechanics and more.

NC Airport Locations
Map with all the public airports marked and links to the airports. Also includes a list of NC fly-in communities.

Airline statistics
Search by airline to get information on the airline, including on-time performance and cancelations.

Traveling by boat or ferries

Maps of free boating access areas in NC

Boating access areas for the disabled

Search for marina and boatyard services in NC
Search by marine service, region, county or business name.

Route maps for NC ferries

NC ferry system schedule and driving directions to the ferries

Traveling by bicycle or walking

NCDOT Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation

Commuting in the Triangle

Triangle Transit Authority
Information on busses, shuttles and ride sharing. Includes a trip planner so you can plan your trip with public transportation.

Look it up

Highways and roads

NC Highway Projects
Search by county to learn the status of highway projects and studies.

Raleigh Accident Reports
Accident report database from the Raleigh Police Department.

SAFER: Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
Find ownership and safety records for motor carriers.


Railroad accidents
Search railroad accidents and incidents by railroad, region, state or county for the last 10 years.


Airline statistics
Search by airline to get information on the airline, including the on-time performance and cancelations

FAA Databases
Searchable databases and statistics from the Federal Aviation Administration

Search by airplane N-numbers, owners, aircraft, pilots, accident reports examiners and more

Flight delay information
This is not flight specific but you can check by region, city or airport for the general conditions

Bureau of Transportation Statistics: TranStats
One stop shopping for transportation data. Search by mode or transportation or by subject

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