Fact Finder: Financial Education

March 10, 2010 

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Young or old, it's hard to understand finances, the stock market and saving money. Giving your child the basics on how to make money, save it and spend it wisely can help prevent major debt down the road.

Basic Financial Terms and Definitions

Yahoo's Financial Glossary
Financial terms and definitions from A-Z.

Bloomberg's Financial Glossary
Over 8,000 business and financial definitions provided by the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University.

The Free Financial Dictionary
Compiled with information from Fuqua School of Business and Investopedia.com, there are definitions, articles and business tutorials.

Financial Information for Children of All Ages

Investing Pays Off helps to prepare young people for the future with information on finances and career success. For each age group, there are lessons about financial plans, budgeting, investing, savings and more.

Elementary and Middle School

Invest It! Learn how to invest your money by understanding the stock market and how Wall Street works. You'll learn all this and more with games and puzzles on stocks and investing, as well as basic information on market performance and mutual funds.

Get information about saving and spending money wisely by learning how to budget your money well. Will you have money down the road? Can you borrow money and pay it back? Get all the info here.

Need money? Explore ways to earn money with babysitting jobs and more. Also, see how to use an allowance calculator to be able to do more with the money you earn.

Play games that will help you learn to invest, save, earn and become money wise.

Once you earn that money, what do you do with it to KEEP it? Learn to save with lessons and activities children and their parents can do together. Lessons are updated every month.

High School

Have a good idea? Are you an entrepreneur? See how other teenagers have started their own business and their websites. Find groups of young entrepreneurs in your area here.

Have questions about your Social Security? Do you have a Social Security card? Find out the answers to your questions at this government website.

Jumpstart Coalition for Personal Finance Literacy offers help to the average student to achieve basic skills for management of personal financial affairs. Links to helpful places to learn about managing your money.

NEFE High School Financial Planning Program. The National Endowment for Financial Education offers lessons on financial planning, budgeting, investing, debt, insurance and managing money. Great place to start when getting ready to buy a car, getting a job and applying for college.

College Students

Off to college? Money is tight, so learn some financial basics so you don't start off in financial trouble.

College students should understand basic money management skills such as living within a budget and handling credit and debt. Check here for stories, tips and tools to help handle it all.

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