Fact Finder: Summer safety

March 10, 2010 

Summer means more time outside and exposure to certain health hazards.  Learn how to prevent and treat some of the most common summertime risks. 

A primer on summer safety from the FDA Consumer Magazine.  Covers a range of summer activities.

Water safety 

Safety tips for beach, pool, boating and more water related fun.


National Council on Fireworks Safety provides information on the responsible use of consumer fireworks.


Preventing and treating sunburn

Treatment reliefs for a sunburn

Insects and ticks

Mosquitoes - avoiding mosquitoes and their bites and diseases

Ticks - prevention and treatment of tick bites

Bee stings - treatment for non-allergic stings

Bee and wasp stings - treatment for allergic reactions to stings

Poison ivy

Poison ivy, oak and sumac - recognizing the plants, the rash and treatments

Outsmarting poison ivy and its cousins - includes tips on getting rid of the plants

Food borne illness

Picnic food safety - make sure you serve and store your summer foods safely.

USDA Factsheet - on preventing food borne illnesses that peak in the summertime.

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