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March 10, 2010 

North Carolina is home to eight military bases. The largest N.C. base is Fort Bragg, which is also the largest U.S. Army base by population. Fort Bragg serves over 43,000 active duty soldiers, about 8,000 civilian employees.

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N.C. Bases | General Military Information | Iraq Information | Special Reports | Veterans Information | Look It Up

North Carolina Bases
Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base
Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station
Fort Bragg Army Base
New River Marine Corps Air Station
N.C. National Guard
Pope Air Force Base
Seymour Johnson Air Force Base
U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City

General Military Information
U.S. Department of Defense

Military Home Front
The U.S. Department of Defense provides this web site with information to support troops and their families.

Detailed information on military systems and facilities, Homeland Security, Intelligence agencies, and the defense industry.

Open-source global defense information, including orders of battle, equipment inventories, plans and programs for more than 165 nations.

Military Rank Insignia
What all those stripes, bars and stars mean.

Military Service Ribbons and Awards
DoD site with pictures, names and descriptions of ribbons/awards. Descriptions can also be found at answers.com under Awards and Decorations of the U.S. Military.

Iraq Country Information
Current Time and Weather
Pronunciation Guide (from Voice of America)
Reuters: Profile of Iraq
U.S. Department of State Iraq Links 
CIA World Fact Book: Iraq

Iraq Resources from Other Organizations
U.S. Department of State Iraq Update
National Public Radio: Iraq
American Press Institute: Iraq Resources
BBC: Struggle for Iraq

CNN: War in Iraq

Global Policy Forum: Iraq
Global Securtiy: Target Iraq

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count

Special Reports
An American Family Goes to War
TIME Magazine, March 2003.

War in Iraq
CNN's War Tracker with background, maps, weaponry, etc. This page was archived in May 2003 when Pres. Busy declard an end to major combat.  The coalition casualties list continues to be updated.   

Windfalls of War
From the Center for Public Integrity.

Veterans Information
U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
V.A. Facilities Locator
N.C. Division of Veterans Affairs
The American Legion
The American Legion: N.C. Department
American Veterans (AMVETS)
Veterans Today
National Veterans Foundation
Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America
Vietnam Veterans of America
Veterans of Foreign Wars
Military Order of the Purple Heart

Look It Up
General Military Data:
Defenselink's Strength and Personnel Statistics
Active-duty military strength, and civilian and military personnel statistics.

U.S. Wars
A statistical summary of participation, cost and casualties of all US wars from Revolutionary War to Gulf War.

Casualty Statistics
Military casualties beginning with the Korean War to today. From the U.S. Department of Defense.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall
Scroll down on the home page to search "The Wall" by name, branch, state, birthday, or death date. This site also includes U.S. casualty statistics from the war.

War Casualties
The National Archives and Records Administration has information and state-level casualty lists from conflicts. Using this link select the particular war of interest, then look for casualty information.

Iraq Coalition Casualty Count
A good source for casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan (see direct link to Afghanistan casualties below) - including defense contractor deaths and access to estimates for civilian deaths. Lots of maps and charts. See methodology section for source info.

Operation Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan) Casualties
From the same group as the Iraq Coalition Casualty Count above, but focusing on Afghanistan casualties.

Military Safety and Crash Data:
Navy and Marine Safety Statistics

Army Safety Statistics
Derived from army accident data. See also Preliminary Loss Reports and specific safety statistics. Web site is from the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center which also provides a list of links to safety statistics in other military branches.

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