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March 10, 2010 

The City of Raleigh is expected to grow by more than 70 percent by the year 2030. Check these links to see how city leaders plan to accomodate future growth with transportation, affordable housing, air quality, and parks and recreation.

Raleigh Planning

Planning Raleigh 2030
The City of Raleigh is updating its Comprehensive Plan to accomodate for the growth and change that has occurred over the past few years and what they will see in the future See what the city has planned and check for analysis on land in the area.

Strategic Planning
See future plans for the city, annexation information, historical information about downtown and plans in progress.

Economic Development
See what programs and opportunities for economic growth and development are offered by the City of Raleigh.

Raleigh Residents

Citizen Advisory Council
Check here to find the closest CAC for your community. CAC's are responsible for reviewing issues of interest to their own community/neighborhood and expressing concerns to the City council.

Neighborhood Plans
Get involved in the longterm future of your neighborhood. Tips on who to contact about community concerns, new development in the neighborhood, and the planning process for your area.

Neighborhood Improvement
As your neighborhood grows, check here for ways to get involved as a leader for your community.

Park and Greenway Improvements
See what improvements are being made to area greenways and parks in your neighborhood.


Transportation in the Triangle
With so many people using their cars, traffic and parking can be a nightmare. Check this site to find alernate ways to commute, information on carpooling, biking and walking and bus maps and schedules.


See how the City of Raleigh manages the water source for the area.

Urban Forestry
See how the city manages trees, to provide for public safety and long term growth.

Air Quality Reports
Find reports on how the Triangle is managing air quality locally and regionally.

Real-time Raleigh Air Reports
Up to the minute air quality reports for Raleigh.

Growth Management

Wake County Growth Management Task Force
Created by the Wake County Board of Commissioners, the task force examines growth management strategies that will help the county balance growth and preserve quality of life.

Growth Management Strategy
Find out how Wake County plans on managing the inevitable growth in the area. See reports and studies done by the Growth Management Task Force.

CIty of Raleigh Planning Department
The mission of the plannng department is "To provide guidance for the growth, preservation and development of the City of Raleigh in order to maintain a high quality of life for all" Check here to see what the city has planned for the future.

CAMPO is the coordinating agency between local governments and state organizations. They have strong working relationships with the planning departments of municipalities within Wake County and neighboring areas. See what their plans are to handle transportation, air quality and more as the area grows.

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