Fact Finder: Recycling

March 10, 2010 

Recycling is an easy way for all of us to help the environment. We are getting the hang of recycling newspapers, cans and milk jugs, but there are many other things we can recycle. Have you thrown a shampoo bottle in the trash lately? What about printer ink cartridges and CDs? Think ourside the box -- that is, outside of your kitchen! -- and use these links to help you expand your recycling efforts.

Why recycle?

Recycling facts for aluminum, plastic, glass, paper and more.

More recycling facts  these are organized by category and lists the sources.

What can I recycle? 

Learn what is good to recycle and what should not go in your recycling bin.

What are the local quidelines for recycling?

Where does trash go?

About 57% of our trash goes into a landfill.  Check out these sites which give more information about how landfills and trash.


Composting turns your yard and food waste into a nutrient-rich substance that can be used to condition and fertilize soil.  Any gardener will sing compost's praises!  

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