Fact Finder: Local gardening

March 10, 2010 

Resources you need to make your garden grow.  

NC Cooperative Extension Service
This is a great place to start for information on gardening in this area. Get information on lawn care, backyard wildlife, the Master Gardener program, and much more.

Plant fact sheets
Fact sheets for plants and vegetables common in North Carolina

Spring Vegetable Planting Guide
Fall Vegetable Planting Guide
Great charts that show you when and how to plant certain vegetables in this area. The fall guide also gives tips on cold tolerance.

Drought Tolerant plantsThe NC Botanical Garden gives advice on drought tolerant NC native plants, grasses and shrubs.

Quick Reference for NC Gardening topicsInformation on everything from fertilizers to fruit trees, and tips on drought tolerant plants, vines, and trees.

Public gardens in North Carolina
With information on popular public gardens in the Triangle, such as the JC Raulston Arboretum, The NC Botanical Gardens, and the Sarah P. Duke Gardens.

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