Fact Finder: Energy Efficiency and the Environment

March 10, 2010 

Making your home more energy efficient saves you money and helps the environment. So get to work sealing those cracks and replacing those light bulbs! And don't forget your tax credits...

The Basics
Energy Star
The US Energy Department's website for all efficiency questions. This is the place to start.

Compact Florescent Lighting
Questions about which kinds of CFLs to use in which lights, or how the wattage equivalents work? This site has it all.

Buy energy efficient products
A consumer's Guide to buying energy efficient products for the home

Reduce your Energy bills with...
Duke Energy
Progress Energy

In your car
Inflate your tires
Cars use energy too, so here's a simple way to get better mileage.

Look it Up
Calculate your Carbon Footprint
Carbonfootprint.com has a cool calculator to help you determine your carbon footprint. The EPA has a similar calculator here.

More ways to help the environment
What is Carbon Offsetting?
This wikipedia page explains the concept of carbon offsetting.

Participate in the North Carolina GreenPower Program though...
Progress Energy
Duke Energy

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