Cards not played

March 14, 2010 

The four new members of the ruling majority of the Wake County school board were elected by roughly 60 percent of the 11 percent of registered voters who voted. The fact is, no one truly knows what the community wants. It is clear, however, what the new members and Chairman Ron Margiotta want: They approved their resolution to create community-based assignments at the last meeting.

When voters stay home out of complacency or apathy, funny things happen. However, it is hard to see anything funny in the board's proceedings since December.

According to one of the new board members, the change to community schools might take until 2012-2013. The newest members were elected in 2009, so other seats will open up for election in 2011, including Margiotta's seat. That leaves time for a future new board to either validate this board's actions or to change it back.

My dad used to say that in a poker game, the winner laughs and counts his chips and the losers grouse and say, "Deal, dammit, deal!" We are all losers right now because we folded before the hand was dealt.

Alan Trogdon


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