In the Google hunt, 2 tiny enticements

Staff writerMarch 27, 2010 

— Everyone has a story of how they got their name. An uncle, a British romance novel's heroine or as the result of a high-stakes game of rock, paper, scissors.

Bonner Gaylord's kids may owe their names to Google.

The Raleigh City Council member has offered the company naming rights for the twins that he and his wife, Ashley, are expecting.

The California company said in February that it would rewire a community, free, with Internet service more than 100 times faster than what most people experience. Gaylord is offering up his children to help Raleigh win.

In a 10-minute video plea in which other leaders brag about things like being named the most wired city by Forbes and having five four-year schools, Gaylord offers a deal.

"If Google Fiber commits to Raleigh, I'll commit to you that I will name those children Sergey and Larry," Gaylord says. That's a nod to Google's co-founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

"Have I asked my wife, you may ask me?" Gaylord said on the video. "No, I have not."

The couple is expecting in October, and they don't know the sex. Gaylord said the deal is good only if the twins are boys and Google comes.

If it all comes together, Larry and Sergey Gaylord will have quite the story to tell about how they got their names.

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