What goes well with ham?

The entrée is covered, but what about the sides?

Staff WriterMarch 31, 2010 

Easter, like many holidays, can be hard on the cook.

But here's the good thing about Easter: That classic spiral-sliced smoked ham has to be the easiest entrée on any holiday menu. You pop it in the oven, maybe baste it with some sort of sugary glaze, and once heated through, it is ready to serve.

It's the side dishes that can be troublesome. Who wants to slave away in the kitchen for hours? That's in addition to hiding Easter eggs and making baskets, maybe wrestling children into their Sunday finest and organizing Easter dinner with 10 or more people.

So we offer some assistance - simple recipes for your Easter side dishes; most can be made ahead of time. Taking a cue from a typical Easter spread in the South, we offer recipes for deviled eggs, potato salad, asparagus and coleslaw to go with that ham.

Three of the recipes can be made ahead: Deviled Eggs with Ham from Bruce Weinstein's book; Three Cheese Potato Salad from Raleigh food writer Debbie Moose's cookbook devoted to the summer picnic staple; and Lemon Roasted Asparagus from Sara Foster of Foster's Market in Durham and Chapel Hill. Only Villas' Red Cabbage with Bacon Vinaigrette recipe should be done made near the end of the ham's time in the oven.

With these recipes, you can consider this easy meal an Easter blessing

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