Police and profiling

May 4, 2010 

Regarding the April 30 article about the Zebulon police checkpoints:

Even though blond and blue-eyed, I have been stopped at these road checks in Zebulon for over 20 years. They are often manned by county and state officials in addition to the town police. I have been stopped each time, even when I worked with the town, driving a town vehicle. If you are checked once, then you are waved through on subsequent passes. This happens often as N.C. 96 is the main north/south route south out of Zebulon.

If this traffic stop were set up on a side road or dead-end street, maybe there would be some validity to the profiling charges. As it is, being on a major artery, I can see no merit to the allegations. This is a valid law enforcement tool to check for vehicle violations, driver's licenses violations and outstanding warrants, etc.

As far as I can see, the only profiling done here is that law enforcement is targeting vehicle drivers. Seriously, isn't that the point?

John Craig


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